Q: Why choose LEFT COAST?

A: LEFT COAST offers quality products at an amazing price. Why pay more when you can get a unique and quality bike for less? LEFT COAST is a chill company that has a goal to provide  single speed and fixed gear bikes to people that doesn’t break the bank.

Q: Can I customize my own?

A: LEFT COAST will offer unique customizations in a few months.

Q: What kind of warranty does Left Coast offer on their bikes?

A: LEFT COAST guarantees both the frame and fork for one year against manufacturer’s defects from the date of purchase. We will fix or replace either in event of a defect. Unfortunately we are unable to cover the additional components on the bike as they go through normal wear on a daily basis. Our warranty DOES NOT cover damage due incorrect use of the bicycle. If you have any additional questions on our warranty please fill out the inquiry box and let us know!

Q: The Company is called LEFT COAST FIXIES, can I flip the hub and ride your bike single speed?

A: Of course!! LEFT COAST bikes come with a flip-flop hub which allow you to coast with the single speed or get your continuous pedal on and flip it to fixed. It’s really up to you!

Q: How much is shipping?

A: Depending on location within the United States it varies from 30-50$. If it is not in this range we will contact you before shipping your merchandise.

Q: Can LEFT COAST ship internationally?

A: Yes. Different shipping rates will apply depending on your location.

Q: How long do I have to wait before I’m cruising on my new LEFT COAST?

A: LEFT COAST ships out of Irvine, CA using UPS Ground and should be able to deliver anywhere in the U.S. within a week depending on your location.

Q: What will my bike arrive in?

A: Your new LEFT COAST will be shipped to the address that you desire and will arrive in a box with the LEFT COAST logo on it. The bike will come with the back tire already installed. The only thing that you will need to do is attach the handle bars and the seat using the included tool (hex key) and then to screw in the pedals. The front tire will be attached to the bike frame upon shipping and can be simply removed, placed on the fork, and tightened down using a simple wrench.

Q: What is your return policy?

A: LEFT COAST is dedicated to its customers and wants to make things easy. We understand that sometimes people order the wrong item or wrong size. In order to provide quality bikes and keep prices down we offer a 10 day refundable period in which you can return your bike. Unfortunately the cost to ship it back to us in this period must be covered by you but if you return the bike within this period undamaged we will get you a refund ASAP. Along with the receipt that we will email you LEFT COAST will send along a “Returns Document” in case a return is necessary.

Q: What if you didn’t answer any of my questions?

A: Please send us a question and we will get back to you extremely quickly!